HSC Travel Program Information

General Travel Team Information 2022/2023

Haverford Soccer Club

· Haverford Soccer Club was started in 1991.  HSC exists to promote youth soccer and the sport of soccer generally. The club is committed to increasing participation in and exposure to the game by providing a variety of organized activities in a positive environment. The precepts of fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork and the development of character serve as the foundation for all programs offered by HSC.

· We are one of the largest non-profit soccer clubs in Pennsylvania with over 1500 intramural players and over 350 travel players a season.

Travel Program

· The Haverford SC Travel program is one of the largest programs in Pennsylvania and the Northeast Region.

· Younger teams (Birth years 2015 through 2009) compete at a higher and mid-level play in the Central League or EDP Futures to minimize the amount of travel for games.  

· Our older teams (birth years 2007 through 2005) often play in further away leagues such as play in EDP League, Rock League and Intercounty League.

· Teams can enter the EPSYA State Cup in the Spring Season for additional competition

· Parents coach travel teams, however, we can offer a paid coach if the team majority prefers

· An important benefit of our large Travel Program is that we place each player on the correct team that matches their ability. Players mature at different rates and it is important that they play in a fun, supportive and challenging environment.  

Team Information

· Tryouts are held by birth year and gender.  Players will be demonstrating different skills as well as 3v3/ 5v5/ ect at tryouts.

· You can expect to hear about team assignments and offers after the second tryout. **coaches meet and offers will go out from the Travel Administrator.

· Once teams are formed here is what you can expect:

· Team Week in the summer – players will begin to improve their skills through trainings but also to get to know their teammates

· Summer Teams- teams can play any tournaments in summer (if team wants to participate)

· Summer Open Play for all Travel Players (July once a week)

· Fall Season practices - 2 practice a week (1 by the coach, 1 by a trainer) *team decide if want trainer or 2 coach practices

· Fall Season Games- 1 game a weekend (Boys play on Saturdays and Girls play on Sundays – times can vary)

· Tournaments –

o  Pre-Season August Tournament

o 2-3 Tournaments in the fall

o Most teams do both Columbus Day Weekend and our own HSC Welsh Cup in November

· Winter Season – Some teams decide to join a league, others do not – this is a team decision

· Spring Season- *teams play in a league if decided (example 29/ 30 travel teams decided to play this Spring 2022)

Cost Expectation

· Registration $300 or less (Includes trainer fee/ referee fees/ League Fees)

· HSC uniform less than $100    1 home jersey, 1 away jersey, socks, shorts *other gear optional

· Additional fees would be split by the team to play in Winter and Spring league

Playing for our Travel Program is a commitment, especially in the Fall Season. However we do have many players participate in our Intramural programs and other fall sports!  We understand kids should be playing multiple sports and having fun meeting new Havertown friends along the way.