Haverford Soccer Club Information Letter for Referee Classes

Haverford Soccer Club Information Letter for Referee Classes

Each year Haverford Soccer Club hosts as Grade 8 and Grade 9 ref certification classes.   These are not school grades, they are the national / international grading system for Soccer Referees.   These classes are hosted by HSC, not taught by HSC.  Classes are taught by www.epsarc.org and a full listing of everyone’s classes is on their site. 


The Grade 9 class is a 7 hour one day introductory class designed for recreational league play.   Most travel groups will allow a grade 9 to be an assistant referee but not a center.  A grade 9 is the standard level for our kids starting out refereeing in our small sided games for rec league at the Haverford Soccer Club.  


The Grade 8 is a harder introductory class, but no pre requisite is required.   The Grade 8 will allow you to ref recreational and travel games.   .



Haverford Soccer Club will offer a 100 % refund up to three weeks ahead of the class.   At that point the EPSARC trainers lock in the number of students for the class. 


To register:

Send an email to



Please include the following in your email:


Male/ Female


Email address:

Your Home Phone:

Your Childs Text email with extension if you want them added to the ref email list .


You will receive national soccer information and club information to your email. 


If you are local and you wish to be added to the Haverford Soccer Club Referee email, I strongly recommend you provide your teenagers cell phone number with text extensions for the up to 50 text messages per season regarding open games.   For example, 6101234567@yrmobl.com is a complete text email for virgin moble usa .


You will get further information from the class emails.  There is no wait list.  We list the classes on the www.epasrc.org web site aproximately Dec 1st each year.   The classes are first come first serve, filled typically before Feb 1.     Classes are offered late February each year.