Intramural Fee Structure

Intramural Fee Structure

The per-player intramural registration fee is $90. Additional intramural players from the same family will receive a $10 discount for the second child and a $15 discount for the third child. The maximum fee per intramural family for Fall 2015 intramural registration is $300.  After August 1, a $10 late fee per child will be charged.


Multi-child discounts do not go across programs, except for the preschool and the intramural K-12 programs.


No Checks Please

We will not be accepting checks for player registration, credit card only. We will have to make special arrangements for those that do not have a credit card with which to register. Please email us at, with your and your childrens’ names, advising you have no credit card.


Early Bird Special Ends June 20
This year there will be a $10 discount for each Intramural registrant processed before June 20. We need players registered as soon as possible so we can setup teams, order uniforms and equipment and create the schedule in a timely manner. So we are offering this sweetener for the habitual procrastinators and reward for those who are always quick to sign up.


Additional Fees

Any registrations received after August 1 will incur a $10.00 Late Fee, per registration. Each child being registering late, even in multiple child families, will incur the late fee.


Withdrawals prior to the season are fully refunded. Players who withdraw from our programs after the first scheduled game will be charged a $10 Service Fee per child against the refund amount and we will determine how much of the registration fee is refunded.


Hardship and Financial Aid

To help with folks who may not be able to pay the Intramural Fees in one lump sum, we can arrange a two or three payment plan, just email us at to make arrangements. For any other hardship requests fill out and submit the form found at


Please return completed and SIGNED form to:

Haverford Soccer Club

629 Beechwood Drive

Havertown, PA 19083

Anyone requesting a payment plan or Hardship Assistance, should register their Intramural players up to the payment part. We will then finish the registration after we work out the arrangements.