Practicing in the Heat


All coaches must modify their practices to accommodate the weather.

No practices may be held when the combined humidity and temperature exceeds 165 (i.e. an outside temperature of 95 and humidity of 70%).

Any practices held during periods where the heat index or ’real feel’ is over 95 are limited to 75 minutes and should not be held unless:

1. The coach has read the USYSA statement on weather illnesses.

2. One adult who has read the statement is assigned to watch the children closely for signs or symptoms of heat illnesses.

3. Water breaks must be given, and water must be drunk by all players and coaches every 10-15 minutes. The break should last at least five minutes.

Practices should be held in shaded areas where possible and breaks should be in shaded areas.

4. The coach understands that not every player is the same and there is no predetermined safe amount of time that will assure all players safety.

Players and parents should be educated on the need to drink about 16 ounces of water, 30 minutes before arriving at practice.

The heat index or ’real feel’ is available online at: