FAQ for the Annual General Meeting

 FAQ for the Annual General Meeting


How are the directors elected?
You must vote for three (3) Board nominees. If you vote for a lesser or greater number of nominees, your votes will not be counted. Directors are elected by a plurality of the votes. Nominees receiving the three (3) highest number of votes at the AGM will be elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors. Their terms will expire in 2016 and they will join the other board members to form the Club’s 9-person Board of Directors. Each person nominated for election has agreed to serve if elected and the Board of Directors has no reason to believe that any nominee will be unable to serve. Each of the nominees would serve until his or her successor is elected and qualified, or until such director’s earlier death, resignation or removal.


What are the requirements for admission to the AGM?
Only current members of record (fall soccer) will be admitted to the AGM. To ensure that you are permitted to attend, your verbally stated personal information will be compared against the fall soccer registration database printouts.


How can I get more information about the AGM?
If you have any questions concerning the AGM, please submit it to nominations@haverfordsoccer.org. All questions received 30 days prior to the AGM will receive responses. With respect to questions received within 30 days of the AGM, we will do our best to respond, but depending on the nature and/or complexity of your question , we may be unable to do so given the proximity to the date of the AGM.

How are the votes counted?
All votes will be tabulated by judges of election appointed for the AGM. Directors are elected by a plurality of votes cast; nominees receiving the three largest number of votes cast will be elected to a three-year term on the Board. Other matters, if properly presented at the AGM, ordinarily require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members present and entitled to vote on the matter. Abstentions will have the same effect as votes against such proposals. 


What is the voting procedure?
YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT. Each current Member of record who attends the AGM is entitled to one vote on each matter to be voted upon at the AGM. You may only vote by attending the AGM and voting in person. Registration and voting will occur during stated times only.


Who may attend and vote at the AGM?
Only current Members of the Club, as reflected on the Club’s records, may attend and vote at the AGM. Each family unit that is a Member is entitled to one (1) vote on all matters presented to the members for a vote, regardless of the number of children of such family who have participated in HSC programs (or the number of programs in which they have participated). If two family members of the same family (e.g., husband and wife) attend the AGM and both of them vote on any matter, their votes will be invalid and will not be counted.