Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

As you already know, HSC relies heavily on volunteers. Volunteers enable us to keep our costs down and in turn keep our player fees as affordable as possible. In that vein we are asking for volunteers to help line soccer fields as well as move goals around. We are coming off a fall season in which we had a team of 10 people assigned to all the fields we use. Most of these folks are not available to do it for spring and besides, it is time for others to step up and take their place.

For Field Lining: Depending on field size, you would be assigned 1 or 2 fields to line. The whole task would take you about 20-30 minutes. You would be supplied with paint and a liner and I would walk you through the process.

For Moving Goals, we need a team of 4 people (including field director) to move goals around when necessary. Depending on the task involved HSC would call on 1 to 3 of you plus himself. This involves light to medium lifting and is done infrequently. Additionally, we could use a few folks who own a pick-up or some other type of vehicle suited to transporting goals from one field to another. This task also occurs infrequently and the more people we have the less frequent it is for everyone. We are counting on your help so as to provide the best fields possible for our children to play on.
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