The Castle in Our Logo

The Castle in Our Logo

The castle in the HSC logo represents our history – the Welsh roots of Haverford Township – and the strength that is symbolized by the endurance and historical significance of the Haverfordwest Castle.

Established by settlers from Wales in the late 1600’s, Haverford Township draws its name from the Welsh county town of Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest is the cultural, commercial and social center of Pembrokeshire County, the westernmost county in Wales. In Haverfordwest, the most historic and prominent site is the Haverfordwest Castle. Located on a superb, naturally defensive position, the castle repelled attacks from enemy invaders over the course of hundreds of years. In 1220, for example, while the remainder of the town was burned to the ground by Prince Llywelyn the Great, the castle withstood the attack. In 1405, the castle repelled an attack during Owain Glyndwr’s War of Welsh independence. In fact, one of the few times the castle was overtaken was during the British Civil War in 1644, when, according to folklore, nervous Royalists abandoned the castle, mistaking a herd of cows on a nearby hill for a Parliamentary army, thus allowing it to fall to Parliament without any resistance!

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