General Criteria for Candidates


Some of the criteria that the Board has indicated may be relevant for Board candidates include:

(i) your experience in business matters generally;

(ii) your experience in key aspects of HSC’s activities, such as fundraising, marketing, promotion, finance, and/or communications;

(iii) your knowledge and/or experience in managing community-based, youth sports and/or other nonprofit organizations;

(iv) your knowledge and understanding of the business affairs of HSC, through your experience as volunteer worker, coach, manager, parent or otherwise;

(v) your ability and willingness to devote time and attention to the affairs of HSC on a sustained basis;

(vi) your achievements, accomplishments, reputation and prominence in your field;

(vii) your educational background; and

(viii) your experience in the sport of soccer generally, as a player, coach, administrator, etc.

Persons who are considering running for a seat on the Board should consider the Individual Board Member Responsibilities, Board Member Personal Characteristics, and Legal Responsibilities Of Nonprofit Board Members (see Exhibit A), as well as the Candidates Campaign Pledge (see Exhibit B) when making their decision to run for a seat on the Board. Individuals who are considering a candidacy for a seat on the Board should also familiarize themselves with the Club’s Bylaws, and, in particular, Article 2 of the Bylaws, which relates to the nominations and election process, as well as the powers and responsibilities of the Board, as well as the information set forth below. To be a candidate for a seat on the Board, you will be required to submit a written statement confirming that (a) if elected, you will perform and comply with all of the responsibilities described below; and (b) to the best of your knowledge, you possess the personal characteristics to be a Board member, as set forth below.