Eligibility and Nomination Requirements


Members Only. To be a candidate for the Board of Directors, you must be a Member of the Club, as that term is defined in the Club’s Bylaws. (See Section 1:07 of the Bylaws). If you are not currently a member of the Club, but wish to run, you may submit a request for Special Membership to the Board at nominations@haverfordsoccer.org.

Submission Requirements. If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors, you must submit to the Election Committee a completed Nominating Statement, substantially in the form of the attached Nominating Statement. As part of your Nominating Statement, you will confirm that (a) if elected, you will perform and comply with all of the Individual Board Member Responsibilities and Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members described below (collectively referred to as “Board Member Responsibilities”); (b) to the best of your knowledge, you possess the Board Member Personal Characteristics; and (c) you agree to and will comply with the Candidates’ Campaign Pledge. As used herein, the term “Candidate Responsibilities” means, collectively, the Board Member Responsibilities, Board Member Personal Characteristics, and Candidates’ Campaign Pledge. Nominations will be rejected for any person who fails to submit a complete Nominating Statement in compliance with the requirements set forth above.

Deadline for Submission. You must submit your Nominating Statement to the Election Committee by email to nominations@haverfordsoccer.org on or by March 1st. Nominations from Members will not be accepted if submitted by any other method, nor will they be accepted after March 1st, unless such deadline is extended by the Election Committee.

Nominations by the Board. Prior to the AGM, the Board may add to the list of the candidates, but only in instances where fewer than 3 candidates have expressed the written desire to stand for election. (See Sections 2:01:03 (A) and (B) of the Bylaws.)

Nominations Generally. Individuals nominated by the Board, as well as incumbents desiring to be reelected, will be given a reasonable period of time within which to prepare a Nominating Statement, as determined by the Election Committee. Individuals whose Nominating Statements comply with the requirements set forth herein, together with those incumbents desiring to be reelected and any other candidates nominated by the Board, will be placed on the ballot as a candidate for Director and considered for recommendation by the Election Committee and the Board. Each candidate must consent to his or her nomination before his or her name is placed on an official ballot.

Additional details regarding the AGM will be announced in the coming weeks. If you have questions concerning the nominating process, the election process or the expectations of Directors, please contact the Election Committee at nominations@haverfordsoccer.org.