Board Member Responsibilities


As described below, Board members must possess certain personal characteristics and perform certain responsibilities and duties. There are many ways for members to contribute to the success of our Club without being a board member. If you are not currently in a position to meet these requirements, but would like to become more involved with the Club, please contact us at about some of the many other ways that you can contribute.

The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the Club. HSC’s Board members are expected to be “working” Directors, which means that, in addition to providing leadership and strategic direction to the Club, each Board member is expected to devote significant time and effort to plan, manage and administer programs and activities of the Club. The more general duties of the Board include: developing, implementing, and, as needed, amending the Club’s long-term plans; setting the general and financial direction; selecting, supporting, evaluating, and supporting Club personnel and volunteers; and providing financial direction and oversight. Directors should be capable of making and prepared to make a sustained contribution to the Club.