Remember It's Just a Game

Jay Anthony trailed the parents following the referee into the Circleville Park parking lot — just in case.

Just in case the couple, upset with the official’s calls, had something rude to say to him.

An hour earlier, the referee ejected their son during a Town of Wallkill Soccer Club under-16 game for rough play. The player retaliated by taking off his jersey and throwing it in the ref’s face.



Approximately one-third of children wish their parents wouldn't attend their athletic events because they yell too much, make them nervous, and/or put pressure on them to win according to a survey by i9 sports.

From Real Simple, September 2012, p. 12.

It's Just a Game

It's Just a Game

Please remember, it's just a game.
Your behavior at games can help or hurt children's self-esteem.
Also, your behavior shows children what's appropriate in competition and life.
Please view the videos at the link below to show how children feel when parents are critical of players and officials.